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Issue 1, 2023, p. 80-89


Superconductivity and controlled fusion (review of the international conferences EUCAS-2023 and MT-28)

V.S. Vysotsky

All-Russian scientific research and development cable institute («VNIIKP»), 111024, Moscow, Russia




In September 2023, two major international conferences on technical superconductivity were held in a row. European Conference on Applied Superconductivity EUCAS-2023 (September 3 – 7 in Bologna, Italy) and the 28th Conference on Magnetic Technologies (September 10 – 15 in Aix-en-Provence, France). For the first time, after the long Covid break, these conferences were held in person. Conference participants received great satisfaction from the opportunities for personal communication after four years of Covid restrictions. Despite the known difficulties, the author of the article managed to attend both conferences. In the article, the author shares his impressions of the organization and conduct of conferences, the awards awarded for scientific achievements, and also discusses several interesting reports related to the use of superconductivity for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Keywords: superconductivity, high-temperature superconductivity, applications of superconductivity, magnetic technologies, controlled thermonuclear fusion.


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