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Issue 1, 2023

Introductory remarksfrom the editors-in-chief         

V. S. Vysotsky, К. L. Кovalev


Influence of annealing on the critical current of 2G HTS tapes irradiated Fe ions           

D. A. Abin, I. A. Rudnev, M. A. Osipov, R. G. Batulin


Controlled operation modes in a HTS composite-based current switch           

I. V. Martirosyan, I. K. Mikhailova, S. V. Pokrovsky, I. A. Rudnev


Electrical machines with HTS windings – prospective schemes, design algorithm, and specific power dependences          

N. S. Ivanov, S. V. Zhuravlev, V. A. Kaderov, N. A. Malevich, Bruno Duine