Issue 1, 2023, p. 6-21


Russia is ready for commercial production of superconducting windings

E.Yu. Klimenko

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 125993   Moscow, Russia



Until recently there were naive hopes for significant increasing of superconducting (SC) devices operating temperature. Now applied SC community is disappointed in this point. Liquid helium is rehabilitated as the best refrigerant. Russia is becoming one of the major suppliers of helium to the world market. The technology of the best material for commercial applications (i.e. niobium-titanium wire) has not yet been lost. Russia is free from the world’s widespread prejudices regarding the possibility of commercial use of superconducting windings. Russian specialists have sufficient experience in manufacturing and operation of low-temperature superconducting devices. So there are all prerequisites for the development of a comprehensive program, including the resumption of production of low-temperature superconducting wires, the organization of mass production of superconducting electrical machines, inductive energy storage devices, separators for   rare-earth ores enrichment, etc. There must be created infrastructure for these devices operating.

Keywords: superconducting windings, liquid helium, niobium-titanium wires, HTSC windings.


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