№1, 2023, стр. 56-64


Electrical machines with HTS windings – prospective schemes, design algorithm, and specific power dependences

N. S. Ivanov

Moscow Aviation Institute, 125993, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: n.s.ivanov88@gmail.com

S. V. Zhuravlev

Moscow Aviation Institute, 125993, Moscow, Russia

V. A. Kaderov

Moscow Aviation Institute, 125993, Moscow, Russia

N. A. Malevich

Moscow Aviation Institute, 125993, Moscow, Russia

Bruno Duine

Universite de Lorraine Grp Rech Elect & Electrotech Nancy, France


DOI: https://doi.org/10.62539/2949-5644-2023-0-1-56-64


The parameters calculation results for electric machines with HTS armature windings have been provided in this Article. Various machine schemes using HTS field winding, permanent magnets, tooth and annular armature windings have been considered. A design algorithm that takes into account system level requirements, analytical calculations, finite element modeling, as well as heat and mechanical calculation have been proposed. Specific power dependences for 77 K and 20 K machines have been found from the analytical method and optimization calculation based on it. It has been proved that the method developed allows finding specific power for various machines. Specific power dependences presented in this Article can be used for system level design.

Keywords: synchronous rotor machine, specific power of electric machines, HTS armature winding, 20 K machine, LH2.


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