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Introductory remarksform the editors-in-chief

Opening remarks from the editors-in-chief

K.L. Kovalev, V.S. Vysotsky

Dear colleagues, here is the first issue of the new scientific journal “Superconductivity: Fundamental and Applied Research”. From the name, you can see that this journal differs from traditional academic journals in at least two ways.
Firstly, it is the only specialized journal on superconductivity in Russian Federation. Secondly, this journal covers a wide range of research and development. Today, in developed countries and in Russia, superconducting materials, devices and products are key growth points in science, industry and technology. This process is possible only if there is meaningful professional communications. Until today, Russian speaking researchers and developers did not have their own platform for publications and communication; the authors’ publications were scattered across numerous non-core journals. We would like to believe that this journal will become such a discussion platform, will help ensure scientific communication, exchange of ideas and research results,
and will also contribute to the introduction of new scientific developments into the practice of working with organizations.
Our journal will be available to readers both in electronic and paper form. Access to all issues of the magazine will be permanent, free and gratis for any reader.
Basic principles of the journal.
The work of our journal is based on several basic principles.
• The journal publishes materials covering modern problems of fundamental and applied superconductivity, promotes their wide dissemination and the development of this field of knowledge as a whole.
• The journal strives to ensure greater integration of Russian organizations into the global professional community. Within the framework of the journal, work is planned to prepare and publish new, most important articles by foreign experts.
• The journal aims to ensure greater integration and close interaction between fundamental and applied researchers.
• The journal will publish texts by already well-known and authoritative, as well as young authors. However, the level and quality of all publications should not be inferior to other texts published in the journal.
• The journal complies with standard publishing requirements. The journal “Superconductivity: Fundamental and Applied Research” is an officially registered, full-length publication that goes through a full editorial and proofreading cycle. It publishes only full-fledged, fully completed texts.
Content and sections of the journal
The journal will feature the following items following to Russian codifications.
1. Condensed State Physics (1.3.8).
2. Electrical Engineering Complexes and Systems (2.4.2).
3. Inorganic Chemistry (1.4.1).
4. Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering (2.4.1).
5. Instruments and methods of experimental physics (4.3.2).
6. Any other research and development topics in superconductivity.
7. Reviews.
8. Conferences. Messages about past and upcoming conferences. Publication of conference programs and notes from participants.
We invite you to participate in this project, both as authors of various materials and as reviewers.